Loadium is a 100% domestic product developed by R&D engineers of Saha Information Technologies. The aim is to get demand close to real user behavior from high load and distributed systems and report instantaneously. Its most important difference from standard products is the ability to get the closest results to real requests coming from a wide range of networks and to go up to a load of millions of requests.

With Loadium Cloud, it is possible to achieve loads at low cost with a pricing approach based on the number of clients.

Loadium platform differentiates by offering the features listed below;

  1. Test planning
  2. Instant reporting
  3. Jmeter and Gatling support
  4. Determining the number of requests in the test run
  5. Determining the number of clients in the test run
  6. Bandwith selection
  7. APM (Application Performance Monitoring) integration
  8. Detailed logs after test run
  9. Detailed reporting
  10. Integration with systems such as Jenkins and Bamboo