Rapid growth in technology pushes companies to keep improving on their product and services. However, meeting market needs with short release cycles can be very costly. Companies may fail because of this dilemma.

Our approach is making companies quality assurance processes automated as much as their product and services allow. We also cover manual testing cases, too. By this way, they can reduce production time without prone to errors and improve time to market.

We provide advanced software testing services with devoted QA teams specifically tailored to your business needs. We allocate a specialized team to work exclusively for your project which reports directly to your management team. This method has proven to lead to success especially for mid and long-term projects which need optimum resource utilization and extensive product expertise.

Our testing approaches and profession vary in TDD, BDD, Continuous Testing, DevOps, Agile Testing, Performance Testing, CI/CD. Our team's skills diversify among the various frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, Gauge, SpecFlow, Cucumber, UFT.

200+ Engineers are already serving multinational companies around to globe with 180+ projects. With 200+ real devices and 4000+ browser/OS combinations, you can experience full Test lifecycle.

We created one of the largest dedicated testing practices in the region, with over 200+ test professionals. Our employee profile;

  1. Test Automation Engineers
  2. Performance Engineers
  3. Test Analysts
  4. Test Experts
  5. Security Test Experts
  6. Front-end Developers
  7. Java Developers
  8. Mid-Level Experts