Testinium is a 100% domestic product developed by R&D engineers of Saha Information Technologies. Basically planning, reporting and management of your tests are offered in web and mobile platforms with tools such as Selenium and Appium.

A mobile device farm with over 200 real devices and sim cards is offered on Testinium Cloud platform. We help you to run your tests on these real devices in the cloud with minute-based pricing. Besides the cloud-based use, Testinium is also offered with internal setup support due to information security reasons.

Testinium platform differentiates by offering the features listed below:

  1. Test Planning
  2. Device Selection
  3. Screen Resolution Selection
  4. Bandwith Selection
  5. Operating System Selection
  6. Timing Selection
  7. Detailed Reporting
  8. Integration with systems such as Jenkins and Bamboo
  9. Integration with Jira
  10. HP ALM Integration